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Dog Breeding Service In Elverta, CA

When you use Silver Ace Poodles’ dog breeding service in Elverta, CA, you are breeding your dog with mates who have certified pedigrees. Karen’s breeder dogs are recognized by the American Kennel Club and perfect for fathering or mothering your next litter of puppies.

These Are All Our Mommas or Soon To Be Mommas! Along With Our Stud Muffins!



Millie Is a Blue Merele Toy Poodle Who Throws Beautiful Puppies.  



Pepper is Millies'baby and she is a Blue Merele Miniature and we can't wait to see what she produces. 



Sydney is fun loving, very active, and a free spirit. She loves attention and would stay in you lap all day if you would let her. She is very protective of her pack, but loves everyone once she gets to know them. Sydney is a Red and White Moyan.


 Sadie is a Red & White Miniature Parti. She is Also, Fun Loving Mother Who Would Stay With Her Babies Forever if She Could. She Always Has The Cuttest Loving Babies.


 Sky is a 2 Year Old But Very Sweet. She is Very Shy But Warms Up Very Quick Especially if You Her Favorite Treats. Some of Her Genetic Traits Are KyKy, awat, And We Can't Wait For Her to Have Her First Litter of Puppies. 


 Koda is a sweet 10-15lb. Miniature .She Carries Eme, KyKy, atat, Ssp. Koda is An Amazing 1st Time Momma. She Loves Them Very Much.


Mercedes is Chevy's Sister & is a Red & White Moyan Parti. She is a Very Shy Girl, But Once You Get Her Warmed Up She is A great Player, & SOOO Funny. 


 Chevy is A Beautiful Red & White Parti Sister to Mercedes. She is Very Smart & Will Do Anything You Ask of Her. Practically Potty Trained at 9 Weeks, She Loves Car Rides, Grooming & Chasing Squirrels. We Can't Wait For Her To Have Babies.


 Chief is The Cutest Spunkiest Puppy. He's Going To Be Between   5-7lbs. He's Gonna Have The Cuttest Puppies With Our Girls.


 Izzy is The Sweetest Most Spoiled Princess You Will Ever See In Your Entire Life. She Litteraly Lives In a Room With Her Food, Snacks, Beds, Pillows, Everything She Wants She Even Sleeps Under The Covers With Us.


Rainy Is An Adventure Dog Between Fishing Kayaking Going Out To The Ranch With The Horses, Pigs, & Cows. The Baby Pigs Are Her Favorite & She Loves To Chase The Chickens The Most.















Contact Karen to set up an appointment with her dog-breeding program with pedigree dogs.